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 ♫ Good little girl,
Always picking a fight with me.You know that I’m bad,But you’re spending the night with me. ♪

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Book of Poisons

So you’ve been bitten by a venomous monster. Time to die. Just kidding. That’s a bit of venomous bite humor to calm you down, as a low pulse is critical to surviving a bite. More on that later. Do not be worried. You’ve got this book on venom and antidotes, and it is excellent. You’re going to be alright…

Venomous Bites in Society and Culture
Cleopatra, one character in an Arthur Conan Doyle story; what do these characters have in common? These are fictional characters that have died of venomous bites that could be found within a short internet search. What else do they all have in common? They did not possess this fantastic book on venom and antidotes. Mistake number one. This book is really good you guys. It’s questionable whether or not fictional characters created after this book can die of venomous bites. We believe readers would find it unrealistic
Grab Venomous Creature
Poke Teeth Into the net above the cup
Push down on back of the head
Milk Dat Creature
Make Anti-Venom
You’re Okay Now
Don’t Get Bit Again, Please

I too would like to possess this fantastic book on venom and antidotes.

Lemongrab’s unpleasant comic from Adventure Time #30, written by Ryan North
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